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features & benefits

XLS Laser Micrometers are ideal for non-contact precision diameter measurement, as well as related measurements, such as TIR, ovality, center position, and straightness.  XLS Laser Micrometers all have superb measurement accuracy and repeatability without the need ever to re-master the gauge, thanks to a patented permanent self calibration technique.  Many of our customers place the Laser Micrometers on the factory floor under typical production conditions, so their ruggedness is proven.  


Each XLS Laser micrometer includes Ethernet and serial interfaces and can be coupled with a digital display or our Laser View Micrometer family of PC software applications.  Also provided on every laser micrometer is a set of digital alarm outputs and a high speed trigger input.


XLS Laser Micrometers are available in 200 Hz./ 1200 Hz. single axis models and 400 / 2400 Hz. dual axis models.  In general, the higher scan rate is advantageous when you want to maximize repeatability or wish to measure a fast moving part in process.  On several of the laser micrometer models, we even provide you with 2 beam thickness options for those applications that require a narrower beam.  The Laser Micrometers are available with measuring fields as small as 13 mm and as large as 200 mm. 

XLS Laser Micrometers have a centered linearity as good as +/-0.5 Ám and a repeatability as good as +/-0.03 Ám.  There is no need to re-master the gauge as a part, centered between the laser heads, is moved vertically within  the measuring field, like you must with other laser micrometers on the market.    

XLS Laser Micrometers are especially stable, even under conditions of part vibration, as you might see in a wire drawing production line.  

Special measurement features:

Most of our laser micrometer models are equipped with "glass logic", so that you can perform diameter measurement on and determine the center position of clear plastic and glass parts.   Certain laser micrometer models also offer "edge mode".  This feature enables you to only have one edge of a part (rectangular or round) inside the laser micrometer and display the distance between the part edge and a precise reference edge built into the XLS Laser Micrometer.  

Part Fixturing:

You can select from a standard v-block, a precision slide with adjustable v-blocks, cones, and/or centers.  We can also provide special fixturing for your projects.  Diameter measurement on multi-feature parts can be handled with a pair of adjustable vees or a custom fixture.

Standard systems for special applications:

The functionality of a laser micrometer goes far beyond the traditional application of simply diameter measurement.  When properly integrated, laser micrometers can effectively be used to measure both round and non-round parts.  We have many special application specific systems to choose from or we can effectively integrate an XLS laser micrometer into a turnkey measurement system for a special application.  Below is a list of some specific applications for which we have standard laser micrometer systems available: 

Special systems for turnkey integrated solutions:

We can provide you with specialized turnkey integrated solutions with laser micrometers, laser displacement sensors, and machine vision.  We will customize any of our PC based process software packages for your application. Laser-View Technologies has built bench top tube and miniature part measurement systems with fixturing and software, as well as large bar profiling scanning systems.  

Please contact Laser-View Technologies with your special requirements.

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